Case studies: The Oslo opera and GE Money Bank Sal B (NO)

In this session you will get two different case presentations especially interested for UX people.

In March this year the new website for The Norwegian National Opera and Ballet was launched. The new solution was to increase the ticket sale, strengthen the brand and secure a good user experience. This is typical for many concepts but how can you make sure to do it right? Linda will take you through the journey.

When GE Money Bank wanted to improve their mobile website they made untraditional choices. They thought further than to adapt the design for screen and they had to understand customer behavior in several situations and distribution levels. The mobile site was also to be developed with high cost focus that was governing for many of the choices. On top of this they have a mission to create the fastest mobile site in the world. You will, among other things, hear about UX when building forms and navigation, how they translated the analysis to the design and use of cheap and simple methods for improving the final product. Aleksander also gives you insight into the mistakes they made along the way and how they made initial sales of the organization.